The Flower and I .

Another flower picked for it’s beauty , for it’s smell , for it’s uniqueness … Picked to lose and to die . The soul has a garden full of flowers , are yours picked up? Or are they there  standing tall and smiling back to your heart? Is their smell still there reminding you of life’s beauty ..?

Walking early in the morning watching the sunrise that steals my breath appearing in between the huge trees in that dirty street , still feeling the other night’s warm air of that spring life . Things I feel once I’m no more a child , once my soul grows and my garden flourishes with beautiful mature sunflowers and daisies , once the smell is no more defined; once feelings are completely arduous to describe, once I shiver to that look in your eyes .

Throughout life, this moment will last forever and ever, I paint where hope shines scattering love and kindness a little bit everywhere , from the place where I was born , from the  first word I spoke I leave the sadness apart ❤

The light I found somewhere in the dephts of my garden overcomed the fears and made the cries an alluring sound to listen to, when life gets up and down . From within the dirt through which my flowers grew , there is a bright side ! Yes  there is a loving heart , a truth said , a nature accepted , there are mistakes forgiven , promises kept , feelings released , responsibilities made .. There are simply beliefs .









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  1. Hajjout wiam dit :

    Oh that’s so good and sweet. keep going my little flower :* :*

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  2. IKram Idrissi dit :

    Très beau texte, qui pourrait parfaitement s’ajuster à mes pensées,Je t’embrasse ma jolie et te souhaite tout le courage du monde et a bientôt pour ton nouvel article que j’ai hâte de lire…

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    1. Je te remercie tellement, ça me fait énormément plaisir ma belle ❤ Merci pour ton encouragement


  3. Zainab Lhassani dit :

    The text itself is like poetry or a painting reminding people to see what’s beyond every word said or every colour and contrast drawn . The word  » Flower » here , is not just a word giving off beauty , charm, mystery vibes it is portraying the human nature in its abstract depths in a journey . I hope that in the near future you will be able to write something moving the eye , touching the soul, stirring the emotions deep down the abbys of the heart , affecting the heart , and appealing to every human on the planet !

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    1. I thank you for giving this article the necessary time to feel and understand the spiritual vision behind every word such as *Flower* and I hope I’ll be able to give you the same impression in my next article and to reach people’s hearts ❤

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  4. Chafik dit :

    Well, your ingenuity really worth supporting. Nice words, and keep rising. 😊👍

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    1. Thank you a lot my friend 😀


  5. jazzxo Qveen dit :

    Really luv it *.* Oh my God ♡

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  6. Sara Riade dit :

    YES! It is the flower
    inside every human’s soul
    no matter how gloomy your inner shadows are
    It will always be there
    exhibiting luminescence
    warming up your heart
    murmuring in your ear
    the word HOPE x)

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    1. That is right it is hope ; The flowers in our soul’s garden are also those values and beliefs that should never be picked up ❤


  7. Rokhsar dit :

    Wow, amazing. 😍 T’as tellement d’imagination ma belle ❤️ I love it!

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  8. Nice!! The last line was creative! Beautifulness all the way 😉

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  9. DaisyWillows dit :

    j’adore. Merci pour the follow , my friend 🙂

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Je t’en prie mon amie ^^


  10. sidranadeem dit :

    Nice work! This piece has a great feeling of « soul refreshment » attached to it.

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  11. avinamdar dit :

    This is beautiful !

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    1. Thank you, it means a lot.


  12. equinoxio21 dit :

    Bilingue en plus? Well done.

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      1. equinoxio21 dit :

        Pas de quoi. Le 14 juillet s’est bien passé? 😉


  13. umesh kaul dit :

    Nicely scripted…. ‘From the depth of my garden’!!! Nice 1.

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  14. A reblogué ceci sur By the Mighty Mumfordet a ajouté:

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