Anything that makes you smile.

       Spent nights , mornings , long hours exploring what was behind that beautiful sunset..smell..look..It never ended the way it felt to hold each piece again with so much passion , freely and at once excusing the last decisions my soul has made . That story carried so much memories and the heaviest promises ever . From the weakest place there were so much strenght ..A dance that brought life to the dead cells inside that shocked body ..Never ran back to what brock it ,fearless in the pursuit to what made that soul on fire.. what were falling apart were actually falling into place.. Frozen foot scratching the floor .. Heavy heart let it go, let it blow beautiful words ..let it flow warm tears ..Let it glow.


Words never ended the way it started so as the life I desire..Words never told a story or a thought it told nothing at all but a moment felt and still.. poorly described. Excuse my moment..<3


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