No Longer HER.



She couldn’t feel her knees nor her weight. She couldn’t feel anything but the heaviness of her heart and the warmness of her breath. She couldn’t smile nor cry.  She wanted to say something not knowing what it is..She stood speechless in front of the mirror. She felt nothing..Surviving a moment of nothingness .

It was hard for her to move, she wasn’t shaking but she was cold. Just like a bird flying in a cloudy sky, her mind didnt know where to go. Driven by her soul to an ending..That is meant to kill her beautiful fantasies and her innocent flowers. Still looking at her eyes, those holes that never looked that way before. A strange variation from that morning to that night.  Was it the mirror?  Was it only tiredness? Was it winter? Or was it simply her?

The time were passing by and her body started shifting from side to side, finally preparing herself to quite, peacfully bringing out her brave wings that were hidden for a long time. With fire in her soul, she went where she felt more alive. She was ready to go, ready to fly.



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