Feeling the very most of it.

            Talking about – Feelings. I am feeling the very most of it.



* Would it be harmful to take a short moment to appreciate the little simple good things in life? I feel it..It springs from my soul, I feel it. Every morning I stare at my own eyes I see it, I reach the very inside of me and I am greatful for what I find there- Yes, everytime. *

Struggling? Aren’t you feeling the very most of it? You already have it all. But you can not see it. Your eyes are busy observing other people’s good lives.  Yes, ‘ Good life’ and how can you judge? You never know. Who has that ‘ Good life’ and what is it after all? Except being satisfied?

  – No, you got it wrong! –

Do not stay there where you are! Allow yourself to grow just like wild flowers and be unstoppable. Even after a cloudy winter, remember that spring is coming. Do not rush things and grow through what you go through . When you plant in a garden, aren’t you believing in tomorrow? Aren’t you thinking of how this plant will look like once it grows? Yes you are, because it will definitly grow, the same way you will do. Plants grow from the dirt they are left in and despite all they show up..Whenever life plants you, bloom with grace. Seek for Success and the goods of life but do it for your self, for your own peace and for your own satisfaction. Think of what your soul needs and fill it with whatever makes you a better person, not minding to put everything you got there in a vase.

Again, remember you will only be happy once you do not need more, once you will say that is it. Try not taking anything for granted, not even yourself.

Gratitude makes you pure my friend ❤


Building this chain was so easy, because it is natural. Naturally convincing.




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  1. Bernadette dit :

    I like the idea of gratitude making a person pure.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Yes, it makes us who we are. Thank you


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