A Letter to Dear Heart.

       To a space– Full of Life- Another Life.

 Teardrops..Smiles..Inexplicably beautiful. Corners and shadows.  Voices and sighs.

 The smell of Life; Lending hearts instead of ears. Lending promises instead of words. Giving it all at once with no fear.

       To a Space- You would  Love rather-than Hate.

  Heavy like winter coulds. Only for those who hide their dark intentions by beautiful words.

-Happy are the pure in heart –


     Dear Heart


    Few are the moments when you fly, few are the days when you jump of joy. Few are the nights when you let me sleep. You make so much noise dear Heart. You see everything, and you feel the essence of things, you are often wrong but you are always right. You have grown dear heart, you have shown me every road. You are so precious. No amount of beauty will describe you dear beautiful Heart. Whenever I went I took you with me, to show me the light from the darkness. You talked for years, it is my turn to thank you- Asking why now? ..Well, you already know..You always knew.

Heart, you are a wlid creature that shines, lately you have been greatfull, restless, thoughtful, most of all you have been in pyaar. I have been following you for a long time, not knowing where will you take me…But  I trust you, and I will always do.

I am proud of you dear, you made great battles  and you always won, because you are not selfish nor arrogant, when you promise… You give it all. Now that you are stronger than ever, let me congratulate you.


Looking inside of you makes me awakened.. ❤

You remind me of an old wise man– you remind me of an old vivid book.


Glad you are still beating

Your holder.



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